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Fractional shares will be paid in cash, except for registered shareholders with book entry accounts at the transfer agent who will have whole and fractional shares added to their account.
Instead, fractional shares that otherwise would have resulted from the reverse stock split were purchased by TA at the closing price of TA's common shares on July 31.
Ken Trautman, president and CEO said, 'the board of directors is delighted to provide this dividend to our shareholders in light of the 47 percent increase in earnings per share for the year 2018 compared to 2017.' No fractional shares will be issued and cash will be paid in lieu of fractional shares.
Shareholders who do not hold a total number of shares that is an exact multiple of 10 must, between 26 February 2019 and 28 March 2019 inclusive, deal with their fractional shares by purchasing or selling directly on the market the number of existing Genkyotex shares needed to obtain a multiple of 10.
Fractional shares were issued in connection with the Split.
No fractional shares of common stock will be granted in connection with the reverse stock split; stockholders who would otherwise be entitled to a fractional share of common stock will be entitled to receive a proportional cash payment.
No fractional shares will be issued in connection with the reverse stock split, and stockholders who would be entitled to fractional shares will receive cash in lieu of fractional shares.
Each holder of a share of Tribune Media will get one-fourth of a share in Tribune Publishing and while no fractional shares will trade, the offering's managers will combine all the fractional shares, sell them on the market and pay cash back to the fractional-share owners.
Additional information on the treatment of fractional shares and other effects of the reverse split can be found in Phoenix's definitive proxy statement filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on April 3, 2012.
The Old Mutual Foundations in South Africa, Malawi, Namibia, Zimbabwe and the United Kingdom are to receive a financial boost for community programmes focused on education following the group's recently declared special dividend and the receipt of proceeds of sale of fractional shares arising from the recent share consolidation of Old Mutual plc's shares.
Steven Santo, the company chief executive officer, said, 'This past quarter Avantair continued its focus on our core business of selling fractional shares, either through straight purchases or leases, and selling flight hour cards.

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