Forward market

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Forward market

A market in which participants agree to trade some commodity, security, or foreign exchange at a fixed price for future delivery.

Forward Market

The trading of forward contracts between investors. Because forward contracts are not standardized and are traded over-the-counter, the forward market is relatively informal compared to the futures market.
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Over the last seven years, FMM's user base has been acquiring game tickets through the forward market and asking for a similar service for travel.
Thus not only do European refiners have to try and anticipate forward markets, they also have to make sure they will be able to cover the cost of shipping surplus gasoline to the US.
Colavecchio Roberta and Funke Michael (2006) used multivariate GARCH techniques to study volatility spillovers between the Chinese non-deliverable forward market and seven of its Asia-Pacific counterparts over the period January 1998 to March 2005.
A company can use currency futures when it has limited access to the forward market.
Part 3 discusses the possibility that the foreign sector as a funding source will dry up and the risk of liquidity problems in the forward market, while part 4 presents a summary.
Management must then decide whether to hedge its exposure in the forward market, a decision usually based on management's aversion to risk and the magnitude of the exposure.
With the 2014 season starting up, and the College Football Playoff forward market live and trading at http://collegefootballplayoff.
The move in the forward market comes after Kuwait let the dinar rise to an all-time high against the dollar earlier on Monday.
With the Full Network Model revealing the congestion a day ahead of time, the Integrated Forward Market facilitating the most efficient way to manage that congestion, and Locational Marginal Pricing showing the cost of the energy and all the "shipping and handling" costs, energy buyers and sellers can make well-informed decisions about how to keep the lights on at the least cost for consumers.
The animated presentation details the three main components of the new market: the Integrated Forward Market, Locational Marginal Pricing and a Full Network Model.
The company is pursuing a leadership position in the network-based fax store and forward market through the company's unique, technologically advanced solutions.
They are a natural extension of what we currently offer and move us into a more fashion forward market, while leveraging our existing distribution channels.

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