Form ADV

ADV Form

A form that all investment advisers who manage more than $25 million in assets are required to file with the SEC. The form discloses the adviser's education, fees, investment strategies, disciplinary actions (if any), and other information.

Form ADV

An SEC form for reporting information about an investment adviser, including education, business, regulatory problems, services, and fees. The form has two parts, and an investor should read both prior to employing the services of an investment adviser.

Form ADV.

All investment advisory firms must register by filing a Form ADV either with the Securities and Exchange Commission if they manage $25 million or more in client assets or with the state securities regulator in the state where they principally work.

The form is divided into two sections. Part 1 provides information about past disciplinary actions, if any, against the adviser. Part 2 summarizes the adviser's background, investment strategies, services, and fees.

If an advisory firm is registered with the SEC, you can obtain copies of Form ADV at the SEC's Investment Adviser Public Disclosure (IAPD) website (

Otherwise, you can request it directly from the adviser or your state securities regulator. You can find contact information on the website of the North American Securities Administrators Association (

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A copy of our disclosure document, Form ADV Brochure Part 2, is available upon request.
What's more, the robo-advisors face no artificial contraints of time or money, meaning they can not only fulfill the letter of the Investment Advisors Act (providing Form ADV Parts 1 and 2, among other things), they can transcend it by providing more robust disclosures and investor-education content.
Finally, the registered investment advisor must describe his or her code of ethics in Form ADV Part 2A, item 11, while also offering to provide a written copy upon request to prospects and clients.
Form ADV, Part 2A, also called a "Brochure," requires firms to answer 18 items in a prescribed order.
17 billion, to be more exact--in assets under management when it filed its latest Form ADV with the Securities & Exchange Commission on June 29.
There are 18 items in this new Part 2A of form ADV.
SEC registration process - introduction to SEC Form ADV and just adopted amendments
All financial planners who have registered as investment advisers with the Securities and Exchange Commission or state securities agencies, or who are associated with a company that is registered as an investment adviser, must be able to provide you with a disclosure form called Form ADV Part II or the state equivalent of that form.
Representatives providing active management and/ or advice should either be registered as IARs or, if they are registered as an IAR, should have an advisor agreement in place and fulfill other requirements, such as delivering their Form ADV.
Remember, too, that most planners must file a Form ADV with federal regulators.
Only then do you ask to see the adviser's Form ADV Part II, a disclosure document required by the Securities and Exchange Commission and available to all investors that provides such information as a business history and sanctions by regulators.