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The 3 securities that reported the highest oversold positions (thousand shares) by foreign investors during the week of Feb.
For many foreign investors the attraction of having their monies invested in hard property assets and/or mortgage investments has some appeal.
Under this mechanism, risks associated with exchange rates will move from the foreign investor to the bank, and in return the bank will receive a commission from the investor which varies depending on the maturity period of the bills: three, six, nine and 12 months.
As the survey shows, foreign investors are monitoring the changes taking place in the Cyprus economy and wish to see the speediest possible implementation of the planned strategic reforms and the structural changes which aim to make Cyprus more hospitable to foreign investments.
Therefore, the Chicago regional center's scam should serve as a warning to all EB5 foreign investors about the importance of vetting all projects and hiring competent legal counsel and accountants.
taxation can ensnare foreign investors, but the one area that foreign investors may not even be aware of is estate, gift, and generation-skipping transfer (GST) tax.
A glut of international mergers and acquisitions and easier access to shares by foreign investors has driven a swing in the ownership of UK quoted firms since the 1990s, statisticians said.
Considering that foreign investors are mostly interested in long- term bonds, the 10-year auction results can provide some color regarding foreign investor appetite.
Large securities firms attributed the rally to major Taiwanese investors returning to the market in the guise of foreign investors, leading to marked increase of new accounts opened by foreign investors in October and high overbuying value of foreign investors recently.
Ever increasing deficit in balance of payments and decrease in concessional aid have compelled Pakistan to reassess its policy concerning to FDI for liberalizing inward FDI through unilateral measures so that foreign investors may be motivated to invest in Pakistan.
The event, organized by the Foreign Investment Committee (FIC) of the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) is scheduled to discuss problems faced by foreign investors besides giving an opportunity to investors to come up with new ideas.
As of end-2011, foreign investors held 83 trillion won in listed bonds equivalent to 6.

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