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Zip code 10469 had the highest number of new foreclosures: 32 homes were scheduled here in Q3 2017.
At the very least the defendant will be served with foreclosure documents, or, worse, their property can be sold at a foreclosure sale.
properties with a foreclosure filing in June, down 6% from the previous month and down 19% from a year ago to the lowest level since July 2006 -- a nearly 10-year low.
The percentage of loans in the foreclosure process was down 11 basis points from the third quarter and down 50 basis points from one year ago, MBA said.
"Traditionally, foreclosure filings will bounce back in December, particularly if the holidays are late in the week, like this year, and lenders as well as borrowers are concerned about clearing their financial books going into the new year."
After dropping to some dramatic lows over the winter, the number of foreclosure deeds filed in New Hampshire increased in March, but there still were 23 percent fewer of them than in March 2014, according to the New Hampshire Finance Authority.
This special issue focuses on the various ways in which the real estate foreclosure crisis affected families and communities in the United States.
Completed foreclosures are an indication of the total number of homes actually lost to foreclosure.
Another practice that may prevent 100 percent utilization is strategic foreclosure. Strategic foreclosure refers to foreclosures that are started but never completed or foreclosures that are never started because the lender determines that the home has little value.
On a month-over-month basis, completed foreclosures decreased 4.1 percent, from 47,000 reported in November 2013.
A decline in foreclosure activity nationwide is a sign that the housing market is rebounding; however the recovery process is not spread evenly.
Nationally, foreclosures fell 30.5 percent compared to October 2010, with a 7.3 percent jump from September 2011.