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Lay Off

To terminate employees because the company is not making sufficient profits to pay them or to sustainably keep them on staff. While a lay off could affect one employee, the term usually refers to a group of employees that are let go because of budget cuts, restructuring, or other, similar situations. If and when the company returns to its previous profitability, it may hire back those employees who were laid off. Often, the company offers a severance or other final compensation to laid off employees.


The allocation of unsold shares to syndicate members from a new issue rights offering by the managing underwriter.
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The Air Force will begin the 2008 force shaping program by offering voluntary separation pay to approximately 200 officers in overage career fields with 12 to 15 years time in service.
In every office on every base, someone knows someone affected by force shaping initiatives.
Affected airmen, supervisors, and commanders need to be aware of all aspects of force shaping and prepared to participate in the process.
The debut of the "Best Paid Placement Service" award reflects the emergence of paid search as an important and distinctive force shaping the Internet search landscape.
Philip Odom, the chief of Air Force Military Force Shaping Policy.
Island is the most dynamic and innovative force shaping the future of the U.
The secretary also addressed potential concerns about cutting manpower, or force shaping, during wartime.
Paul was a visionary leader and a tremendous force shaping the future of video, communications and the Internet," said Moore, Mr.
The first Force Shaping Board is scheduled to convene at the Air Force Personnel Center April 3, 2006.
The messaging ecosystem is a powerful force shaping the nature of work, influencing the day-to-day messaging practices of workers and the technologies they select to get work done.
Force shaping is about developing personnel programs and policies that provide an optimal blend of organizational alignment, personal growth, and personal development.
Since its inception in 1976, IPTN has grown from a small company to a major force shaping the future of Indonesia s aircraft industry.

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