Focus list

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Focus list

Used in the context of general equities. Investment banks published list of buy and sell recommendations from its research department; signified by a flashing "F" on Quotron.

Focus List

A list of securities that an investment bank or investment advisory recommends buying or selling. Each bank's or advisory's research department compiles the focus list and updates it periodically. The research department uses a number of criteria in writing the focus list, including growth potential, riskiness, and business practices.

Sometimes, a watchdog group may compile its own focus list of companies to patronize or boycott based on their corporate ethics or lack thereof.
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Opler and Jonathan Sokobin found that firms appearing on focus lists distributed by the Council of Institutional Investors between 1991 and 1994 saw their share prices outpace the S&P 500 by a substantial margin in the two years after being listed.
As part of that new service, plan sponsors who utilize The Guardian Advantage([R]) or The Guardian Choice([R]) can now choose from one of two focus lists of investment options or customize the menu of investment options for their plan.
Zacks calculates the time-weighted monthly performance of focus lists on an equal-weighted basis.
IBM (NYSE: IBM) remains one of the most innovative companies in technology, keeping it on the focus lists of three major brokerages.
Zacks calculates the time-weighted monthly performance of the various firms' focus lists on an equal-weighted basis.
Given the current environment for energy prices, ConocoPhillips could be in a good position for investors, leading several brokerage firms to add the integrated energy company to their focus lists.
The All Star analysts are well aware of Microsoft penchant for innovation, and is one of the main reasons why this software stalwart is on so many Focus Lists.
Although it's been a tough period for the entire insurance industry, four of the top brokerage firms have listed AIG on their Focus Lists and remain confident in its potential.
After such a strong quarter, three top brokerage firms have DVN listed on their Focus Lists and feel investors will warm up to the energy company after a little research.
It is hard to say how much of an affect these will have on the company's bottom line, but several top brokerage firms believe that investors are in good hands with Allstate and still have them listed on their Focus Lists.
After falling in May, three top brokerage firms believe this may be an excellent opportunity for investors to buy on a pull-back and have DOW listed on their Focus Lists.