Flow of funds

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Flow of funds

In the context of municipal bonds, refers to the statement displaying the priorities by which municipal revenue will be applied to the debt.

In the context of mutual funds, refers to the movement of money into or out of a mutual fund or between or among various fund sectors.
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Flow of Funds Statement

1. In municipal bonds, a statement listing the priorities of how the bond's revenue will be used. Usually, the priorities are listed in the following order: the project for which a bond was issued, the debt service, and saving to repay the principal.

2. In mutual funds, a statement of money moving into and out of the funds.
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"The data shows that the flow of funds to the terrorists has clearly been choked after demonetisation.
Gains in household wealth are giving Americans more confidence to borrow, the flow of funds report showed.
nonfinancial companies had $4.8 billion in liquid assets, a figure that dwarfs the $1.7 trillion in such assets shown in the Federal Reserve's flow of funds as of March of this year, according to Reuters.
The forum focused on how organisations are managing their liquidity needs and position during this period, cash flow pressure and optimal working capital management, covering topics such as cash flow forecasting, liquidity and working capital management and control of the flow of funds.
The flow of funds from the UAE to India is one of the most important corridors flowing to India and representing 27 per cent of the UAE's total remittances.
The Fed this week released its quarterly Flow of Funds Report.
Treasury bonds as stock markets weakened globally and led to a flow of funds into the bond market, although euro-denominated assets declined as the European currency fell against the U.S.
Israel to Counter Flow of Funds from Global Zakat Committees to Hamas Israeli security services plan to counter the flow of funds to the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas from Muslim zakat committees across the world, according to the Israeli daily Haaretz, the Jordanian daily AD DUSTOUR reported Wednesday.
Summary: Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh will ask King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia to block the flow of funds from Yemeni expatriates to separatists in the south, a Yemeni government source said on
This volume outlines three social accounting systems that developed around the time of World War II--the national accounts system, the input-output system, and the flow of funds system--which were relatively new at the time of the book's original publication (1965).
The flow of funds to commercial real estate is surely driven by the demand for space and short-term returns.
The answers have ranged from, "the flow of funds is based on approved claims only" to "the borrowing costs are your contribution to the funding program."