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On the flip side, buying a book of business can instantly increase the size of an agency.
For example, regarding the law's new staffing requirements, Bodo says that FAHA realizes the value of additional staff members, but "the flip side of that is to reach 2.
On the flip side, Los Angeles has one of the highest vacancy rates in the country--16.
The Flip Side of Sin by Rosalyn McMillan Simon and Schuster, July 2000 $24.
The flip side was the GumBoot Dance, equally showy, with a dramatic set suggesting a diamond mine, performed by the company at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh in the summer of 1999.
However, there is a flip side to the SAN appliance strategy.
The cult of sensibility from which such products ultimately issue is the flip side of the Age of Reason.
The flip side of this coin is that beyond the strict meaning delivered in this judgement, depending on what the Ontario government does, it may well become a major link in the legal quest of the "gay" community for legal--and social--acceptance as normal and equal to marriage.
Spanish for "the little girl," La Nina is the flip side of El Nino.
Clinton's unseemly, and in some cases illegal, courtship of the rich is the flip side of his contempt for ordinary citizens like Paula Jones.
And on the flip side is the related question: How should we be educating future business managers, the people on whose support public relations depends, about public relations?
But the flip side of flip is glib, and Goldstein does succumb.