Flat price

Flat price (also clean price)

The quoted newspaper price of a bond that does not include accrued interest. The price paid by the purchaser is the full price.
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Clean Price

The price of a coupon bond that does not include any interest that accrues. That is, a clean price is the price of a bond discounting future cash flows. Because the dirty price does include interest between coupon payments, the dirty price and the clean price will equal each other only immediately following a coupon payment. Most American exchanges use the clean price when quoting bond prices.
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In the LTL market, prices did increase 2% in May, but only after three previous months of falling or flat price trends.
But what mostly pushed prices lower was the low speculator activity, amid hesitation to add bets on almost flat price fluctuations.
The net result would be a narrower range on flat price around $70 per barrel that should be acceptable to the Saudis from a demand management standpoint, according to JP Morgan.
NYMEX also displayed a flat price of USD 46.15 for Brent, the global benchmark.
Dave Sanders, M.D., co-founder and CEO of ZOOM+, said, 'We are excited to expand our Seattle footprint and offer the Ballard neighbourhood on-demand urgent and primary care at a fair, flat price. The Ballard neighbourhood is vibrant with people-cantered businesses and activities.
"The modest rise in distressed sales, which typically are discounted 10 to 15 percent relative to traditional homes, dampened the median price in December, but the flat price trend continues," Yun explained.
"Our cost of 10 [pounds sterling] will be a flat price with no pressure to buy a second pair of glasses.
VG: SalesGenie is a tremendous sales-prospecting tool for small businesses at a flat price. They can access our 12 databases to find virtually any prospect they need and, with a flat price of $250 per month, they can get unlimited sales leads, unlimited mailing labels and access to any database at any time.
In other EU countries calls have a single, flat price.
With the new pricing, districts with centralized cataloging pay a single flat price for Copycat and can freely catalog unlimited items for all district or system libraries.