clean price

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Clean price

Bond price excluding accrued interest.

Clean Price

The price of a coupon bond that does not include any interest that accrues. That is, a clean price is the price of a bond discounting future cash flows. Because the dirty price does include interest between coupon payments, the dirty price and the clean price will equal each other only immediately following a coupon payment. Most American exchanges use the clean price when quoting bond prices.

clean price

The price of a bond without accrued interest. Compare dirty price.
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The rise in residential property prices was spearheaded by Limassol where house and flat prices rose 4.
OPEC committed to implement credible production cuts and reduce global crude stocks while hedge funds responded by establishing bullish long positions in both flat prices and calendar spreads.
More than half of the surveyed believe that flat prices will go up in central Vilnius, while about half of the surveyed they will go up in residential districts.
Second steppers in Colchester, York, Nottingham and Bournemouth may also face a particularly tough challenge to trade up, as house prices have increased particularly sharply in comparison with flat prices in these areas, the research found.
Inflation is low and economists project several more years of flat prices.
Halifax, part of the British government backed lender Lloyds Banking Group (LSE:LLOY), on Friday reported that flat prices have increased by GBP1,000 a month since the financial crash.
With flat prices seeing strong increases, many firsttime buyers are turning their attention to other types of property.
With flat prices seeing strong increases, many first-time buyers are turning their attention to other types of property.
Despite the fact that local truckers as well as specialized freight truckers reported flat prices, our inflation forecasts have been revised upward.
Most agents had forecast flat prices or even small falls this year after Chancellor George Osborne put stamp duty of 7% on homes bought for more than Au2mn, increasing to 15% if bought through offshore companies.
Management foresees flat prices with improving sentiment over medium term.