Fixed-income investment

Fixed-Income Security

A security with a guaranteed return. Common examples include bonds, which pay periodic coupons representing a certain interest rate, and preferred stocks, which are legally required to receive a specified dividend at certain times. Typically, fixed-income securities offer lower risk and lower returns than common stock and similar investment vehicles.
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Fixed-income investment.

Fixed-income investments typically pay interest or dividends on a regular schedule and may promise to return your principal at maturity, though that promise is not guaranteed in most cases.

Among the examples are government, corporate, and municipal bonds, preferred stock, and guaranteed investment contracts (GICs).

The advantage of holding fixed-income securities in an investment portfolio is that they provide regular, predictable income.

But a potential disadvantage of holding them over an extended period, or to maturity in the case of bonds, is that they may not increase in value the way equity investments may. As a result, a portfolio overweighted with fixed-income investments may make you more vulnerable to inflation risk.

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Both firms are highly focused on fixed-income investment.
Tinney and Newman are part of First Republic Investment Management, which works with clients to develop customised equity and fixed-income investment management solutions.
"Sukuk funds are increasingly popular among investors as they produce fixed-income returns similar to those from traditional fixed-income investment products," said Standard & Poor's credit analyst Samira Mensah.
* Reinvestment risk--the possibility that interest rates will fall as a fixed-income investment matures and cause you to be unable to reinvest matured assets at an attractive rate of return.
The existing fixed-income investment portfolio of SL Green is not being contributed in connection with the IPO.
Risk arises when a fixed-income investment is sold before maturity.
Managers are selected by criteria that include past performance, desired equity and fixed-income investment "styles," trading and research capabilities, expense levels, and so on.
(Razorbill), to strengthen position in fixed-income investment strategies, the company said.
An asset and wealth manager and provider of management services with USD1.22tn of assets under management as of September 30, 2015, Deutsche AWM offers an array of cash and fixed-income investment solutions for a wide range of investors.
In his new role, he would work with clients to develop customized equity and fixed-income investment management solutions.
Because the life insurance repays the SPIA investment at death, this strategy can be viewed as an alternative, fixed-income investment. It has several benefits, including the fact that the investment principal's value does not fluctuate with interest rates (advantageous when interest rates are rising).
For one thing, the company views it as a valuable fixed-income investment. Northwestern Mutual, like many other mutuals and stock insurance companies, is an active commercial mortgage lender, with mortgages representing about 25% of its fixed-income holdings.

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