fixed-income security

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Fixed-Income Security

A security with a guaranteed return. Common examples include bonds, which pay periodic coupons representing a certain interest rate, and preferred stocks, which are legally required to receive a specified dividend at certain times. Typically, fixed-income securities offer lower risk and lower returns than common stock and similar investment vehicles.
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fixed-income security

A security, such as a bond or preferred stock, that pays a constant income each period. Price changes in a fixed-income security are caused primarily by changes in long-term interest rates.
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The fund follows policies aimed at maximising profits through diversification of investments policy, choice of equities, short- and long-term fixed-return investment instruments, and short- and long-term variable return instruments.
A variable annuity (offered for sale exclusively by life insurance companies effectively) is a group of investments consisting primarily of mutual funds and, in most situations, includes a guaranteed fixed-return investment choice.
One of the most popular IRAs is a fixed-return investment such as a long-term CD or bond.
Among them: that "human life value" must guide the determination of the proper amount of insurance for an individual; and that by optimizing different styles of products, a life insurance portfolio can produce competitive investment returns (both through the death benefit and living benefits or cash value) compared to fixed-return investments.

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