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Fixed assets represent the long-term tangible assets an organization uses to produce and deliver its products or services, and manage its operations.
increased more than the fixed assets, i.e., more than the real economy
Here is the problem: The standard balance sheet fails to match the CPLTD with the fixed asset that repays it--the taxi.
Sage FAS Fixed Assets solutions is a complete fixed asset management suite with an intuitive interface that's easy to implement, learn and use.
As of 2005, the fixed asset investment-to-GDP ratio has gone up to an astonishing 45 percent.
The value of the asset will be transferred to a fixed asset accounting system where the military equipment will be depreciated over its useful life (that is, until it is destroyed or processed for disposal).
Singapore had attracted S$9.2 billion in manufacturing fixed asset investments in 2000 and S$8 billion in 1999.
Industrial and retail companies were targeted because they owned large amounts of fixed assets and intangibles, making it more probable that they would have impairment losses.
First, since Compustat must have a complete, long-term schedule of depreciation and net fixed asset data so that we can infer annual net fixed asset investments, there could be intermittent missing data.
Therefore, to use the fixed asset portion of the balance sheet in the calculation of return on assets is going to require making an adjustment to the total asset value.