fixed price

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Fixed Price

1. See: Offering price.

2. A price that is not subject to negotiation. The fixed price may be set by a government, or may indicate that the seller has no interest to lower the price for any reason. One must either pay the fixed price or not buy the product. Many products must specify whether or not they have fixed prices because price negotiation is common in many parts of the world. For example, if Wal-Mart sells milk for $3 per gallon, milk is offered on a fixed price basis because the customer cannot make a counter-offer for $2.50. One either buys the milk at $3 or does not.

fixed price

References in classic literature ?
But really there were no fixed prices, and insistent boys could get bicycles and the thrill of danger for an hour for so low a sum as threepence, provided they could convince Grubb that that was all they had.
They gave us checks for them and charged a fixed price, payable in advance--five cents.
About it, on three sides, the ordinary part of the audience had stood during the performance, while the inn-guests and persons able to pay a fixed price had sat in the open galleries which lined the building and ran all around the yard.
Uzbekistan will set fixed prices for cottonseed oil for socially vulnerable layers of the population, according to the road map for the accelerated development of the country's fat and oil industry.
Prices of goods are determined according to the free market rules of supply and demand, and any talks on fixed prices are to no avail, Meselhi added.
The official Bahrain News Agency reports that increases in crude oil and natural gas output were a major boost, contributing to the achieved rate of growth by over 53 per cent in fixed prices.
Contractors make convenient scapegoats, and fixed prices sound like an easy way to help alleviate the budget crisis.
EBay has announced moves to make it easier for entrepreneurs and retailers to list products in bulk at fixed prices.
a unit of Britain-based Tate & Lyle Plc, to face trial set for September on claims they fixed prices for high fructose corn syrup.
Quoting fixed prices projects confidence and experience.