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"Long-term fixed interest rates of 2 to 5 years have been popular in the UAE in the past few years but are being phased out by banks due to increasing interest rates in the US.
Global Banking News-September 27, 2017--Croatia calls on lenders to offer fixed interest rates
Fixed interest rates now start at 5.99% APR for undergraduate, health professions and residency, law and bar exam, MBA and graduate loans.
The biggest benefit of floatingrate home loans is that they are at least 1- 2 per cent cheaper than fixed interest rates.
CAIRO: Mashreq Egypt announced on Sunday the launching of its new five-year certificate of deposit in Egypt, with fixed interest rates of 10.35 percent per annum to be paid annually, 10.30 percent semi-annually, 10.25 percent quarterly, and 10.10 percent monthly.
NatWest International Personal Banking (IPB) is offering Platinum Deposit, a one- and two-year account for savers looking for the security of fixed interest rates.
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ and three other major Japanese commercial banks said Friday they will lower fixed interest rates on new housing loans to be extended in December, reflecting drops in market rates.
The loan term is 12 years, with fixed interest rates of 6.5 percent for the first seven years.
As explained by ACE, the bill establishes fixed interest rates for student loan repayment and consolidation and increases rates for parent loan repayments.
He also suggested that homeowners who had refinanced mortgages as fixed interest rates have decreased should refinance again to adjustable rate mortgages.
Long-term interest rates might jump immediately on Dutch euros and inflict loss on banks' holdings of long-maturity loans at fixed interest rates. The loss would be diminished by the presence of long-maturity fixed-rate liabilities also transformed into Dutch florins (for example Dutch bank bonds or long-term deposits/savings plans outstanding).