Fixed income market

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Fixed income market

The market for trading bonds and preferred stock.
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Fixed Income Market

The market for the trading of securities paying a guaranteed yield. Examples of fixed-income securities include bonds and preferred stock. The fixed-income market is lower risk and lower return than the variable income market.
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The three funds invest in the fixed income markets of the US.
The acquisition of this tool will provide signals for risk sentiment in the fixed income markets.
Euro$ interest rate futures are mostly firmer though the rally in the fixed income markets has paused, with stocks muscling higher into quadruple witching settlements and heavy S&P ETF rebalancing.
Summary: MENA fixed income markets came under downward price pressures this week, amid an extended oil price slump that sent shockwaves across global markets.
He added that, "this transition shall allow our community to capitalize on Bloomberg's strength in fixed income markets and increase awareness of PHP-denominated government securities and corporate bonds, among global fixed income market professionals."
Despite this positive trend, significant constraints limit the wider adoption of ESG considerations in fixed income markets. There are no standard definitions of ESG-with diverse views, particularly in the 'social' area.
"The time is right for the SEC to broaden its review of market structure to include specifically the efficiency, transparency and effectiveness of our fixed income markets," said Clayton, noting that many baby boomers who invest in fixed income as stable assets during retirement "may not appreciate that fixed income products differ significantly from the better-known equities markets."
'This transaction is envisioned to facilitate further growth in the local capital markets by introducing efficiencies in the trading and back office systems of both the equities and fixed income markets,' the PSE said in its disclosure.
Institutional investors in the region have been relatively under-invested in fixed income markets, compared to their global peers, and now many are required by regulators to create more balanced and diversified portfolios.
The fund is sub-advised by PGIM Fixed Income, a global asset manager offering active solutions across all fixed income markets. The company manages assets for institutional clients and retail investors worldwide with USD 681bn in assets under management as of 30 September 2016.
Adjusted revenue from fixed income markets fell 12 per cent to $2.9 billion - a much better outcome than the drop of 20-25 per cent that chief financial officer John Gerspach had braced the market for in May.

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