fixed-income security

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Fixed-Income Security

A security with a guaranteed return. Common examples include bonds, which pay periodic coupons representing a certain interest rate, and preferred stocks, which are legally required to receive a specified dividend at certain times. Typically, fixed-income securities offer lower risk and lower returns than common stock and similar investment vehicles.
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fixed-income security

A security, such as a bond or preferred stock, that pays a constant income each period. Price changes in a fixed-income security are caused primarily by changes in long-term interest rates.
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Peak 8 Asset Management LLC is an asset management firm that focusses on alternative fixed income investments. Peak 8 provides investment advisory services to institutional clients and, as of December 31, 2018, had assets under management of approximately USD 600m.
Its name is changed to the imaxx Global Fixed Pay Fund and the investment objective of the Fund is as follows: The imaxx Global Fixed Pay Fund's investment objective is to generate long-term capital appreciation and income by investing primarily in a combination of equity and fixed income investments from around the world.
Summary: High-net-worth individuals are looking beyond stocks, bonds, fixed income investments
This is on the back of higher loan recoveries and reversals in provisions against certain fixed income investments.
Remedios was earlier with First Foundation Advisors as managing director of fixed income investments.
We are delighted to offer the benefits of this type of fixed income investments to our retail customers in the UAE."
Investors--especially those of us with disabilities and who are on fixed incomes--are often disappointed to find current interest rates are much lower than those of previous fixed income investments, and we are looking for safe and reliable rates of return on our money.
Todd Canter, International Director and Global Strategist, LaSalle Investment Management said: "We have long been excited about entering the Taiwan market, where investors recognise the benefits of diversifying their portfolios and providing balance to their equity and fixed income investments."
The default investment may be either a "life cycle" or "targeted retirement date" fund; it must use a mix of equity and fixed income investments based on the participant's age, target retirement date or life expectancy.
The BWC Oversight Commission also reviewed a revised investment policy that reflects the Bureau's ongoing efforts to shift assets to fixed income investments and away from private equity investments, which equal about 3 percent of the BWC's entire portfolio.
Today perhaps the largest and certainly most unpredictable force affecting foreign exchange markets involves, of all factors, Japanese housewives and heads of households who are now heavy purchasers of foreign fixed income investments and increasingly are bypassing financial institutions in making their purchases.

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