fixed-income security

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Fixed-Income Security

A security with a guaranteed return. Common examples include bonds, which pay periodic coupons representing a certain interest rate, and preferred stocks, which are legally required to receive a specified dividend at certain times. Typically, fixed-income securities offer lower risk and lower returns than common stock and similar investment vehicles.

fixed-income security

A security, such as a bond or preferred stock, that pays a constant income each period. Price changes in a fixed-income security are caused primarily by changes in long-term interest rates.
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Oddo Asset Management has announced that it has named Alain Krief as its head of convertibles and fixed income investment.
Designed to meet the growing demand for fixed income investment alternatives, the BondWave Fixed Income Investment Program(TM) includes proprietary technology and methodology that allows a broker-dealer to deliver and maintain Program Portfolios efficiently and at a competitive cost with SMAs, UMAs, bond funds and ETFs.
But before an investor can decide on a fixed income investment, John Yoshitake, branch manager of TD Waterhouse in Long Beach, said investors need to determine how much money they will need in retirement.
Dolan is a member of the Global Fixed Income Investment Committee.
CHICAGO, March 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Mesirow Financial today announced that leading fixed income investment managers Steven P.
Schillhorn is also a member of the Global Fixed Income Investment Committee.
Stricker will be responsible for all fixed income investment management and investment strategy, and will have all fixed income portfolio managers, traders, analysts and other fixed income investment professionals reporting to him.
Goard, with over 16 years of fixed income investment experience, joined Munder Capital in 2007 with expert knowledge in fixed income portfolio management and portfolio structuring.
SAN DIEGO -- LM Capital Group, LLC, a leading San Diego-based fixed income investment manager for institutional clients, announced that it has received $118 million in additional assets from the Illinois State Board of Investments (ISBI).
In addition they provide fixed income investment products and advisory services to public and private sector clients and non-profit institutions.
The opportunity with Churchill is clearly a win-win for our employees and investors and I believe we can significantly enhance and broaden our fixed income investment activities as part of the Churchill organization.
On March 2, 1992, WSIS announced it had acquired Financial Management Advisors, a fixed income investment management firm with over $350 million under management.

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