fixed-income security

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Fixed-Income Security

A security with a guaranteed return. Common examples include bonds, which pay periodic coupons representing a certain interest rate, and preferred stocks, which are legally required to receive a specified dividend at certain times. Typically, fixed-income securities offer lower risk and lower returns than common stock and similar investment vehicles.

fixed-income security

A security, such as a bond or preferred stock, that pays a constant income each period. Price changes in a fixed-income security are caused primarily by changes in long-term interest rates.
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To finance future projects, we are now seeing consideration of fixed income financial instruments such as a 'green -- Sukuk'.
Grant Street Group, with headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is the country's first and most active Internet auction house for new-issue, fixed income financial instruments.
the next-generation electronic market place for trading secondary fixed income financial instruments, has enhanced their management team with the hiring of Frank Aguilera as Managing Director of Capital Markets, Michael Lombardo as Director of Sales and Marketing and Matt Olsen as Associate of Sales and Marketing.

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