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Reacting to corruption charges against him, Mr Aleem Khan questioned why PML-N had not taken action against him, during their five year rule, if he was involved in corruption.
The Sindh government swallowed up royalty paid by industrial units in Ghotki for ten years, which came to Rs10 billion and returned nothing to the town even during its past five year rule, said Mr Mahar at separate meetings with notables of different areas who called on him at his residence in Khangarh near Ghotki on Saturday.
He said PPP made cities, colleges, universities, their campuses and hospitals but Shahbaz Sharif inaugurated one hospital in Punjab during his five year rule. He said: "We started poverty-reduction program due to which over half a million families have come out of poverty.
The five year rule (2008-2013) under Zardari's leadership proved so damaging that in the May 2013 elections, PPP was restricted to just Sindh.
He said Neelam-Jhelum Project was completely overlooked during Musharraf's regime and PPP's five year rule.
He said the nationalists too, did nothing to change the life of Pukhtuns during their five year rule in the province.
He said the PPP, during its five year rule, had plundered the public money with both hands and deprived the masses of the basic necessities of life while the PML(N) remained a silent spectator.
"Whilst many local authorities have taken a fairly lenient position on the five year rule in the past and allowed the 106 to be renegotiated in advance of this deadline, the provisions of the bill, as currently drafted, would place a statutory duty on the local planning authority to reconsider affordable obligations entered into through a section 106 agreement.
68 billion during their five year rule while the Pakistan Muslim League (N) government executed projects worth Rs.
"The UPA government, during its five year rule, without discrimination, provided funds to all States for different programmes.
Allen had ousted Dempsey in the hotseat this time last year having stepped down as secretary under the five year rule.
"The GMC do have five year rule, when only cases with exceptional circumstances are heard."