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The results are in Table 13 where we present indices in 1952 and 1979 prices along with the Fisher Ideal index.
For Chinese consumption, we use the Fisher Ideal index described earlier.
We measure growth in Soviet GDP and consumption from 1928 to 1937 using a Fisher Ideal index based on 1928 and 1937 prices.
Fisher Ideal Index has many advantages over most of the other methods as are mentioned in the previous section.
As the equation indicates, the aggregate energy index is decomposed into activity and efficiency indexes with no residual term and this is guaranteed only by Fisher ideal index.
The Construction of Fisher Ideal Index is given below
The Fisher Ideal index is also somewhat easier to interpret; a user can examine its component Laspeyres and Paasche indexes to gain a mechanical understanding of movements in the index, and such calculations assist in the analysis of price and quantity movements.
87,88] is a Fisher Ideal index number computed as the geometric mean of two indexes measuring price change between 1987 and 1988; the first uses weights from 1987 and the second, weights from 1988.
To provide measures for different purposes, the new BEA alternative price and quantity measures include both a chain-type index (the annual weighted index) and a form of direct index (the benchmark-years-weighted index), both of which are based on the Fisher Ideal index number formula.
7 percent is identical to the growth rate calculated with the Fisher ideal index directly from year 1 to year 3-that is, 1.