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Kuwait's stock market is expected to continue performing well in 2018, leading gains across the GCC's markets, supported by fiscal stimulus.
The latter included fiscal stimulus (the authorities' flagship "Nurly Zhol" initiative, which provided funding to infrastructure, SMEs, and housing), greater exchange rate flexibility, and easing monetary policy.
5 per cent if its goes about with a fiscal stimulus package," analysts at UBS Securities said in a note.
There was never any talk by the Indian government about announcing a fiscal stimulus package for boosting the economy, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said.
A lack of progress on promised fiscal stimulus implementation, low inflation and foreign currency appreciation are the main factors causing the weakness of US dollar in 2017, a QNB report says.
The passage of tax reform, along with the swift and proper implementation of fiscal stimulus and infrastructure spending, may cause the PSEi to go above our target,' Agarao said.
THE pound surged after Prime Minister Theresa May hinted at future fiscal stimulus and assured businesses that she was working to avoid a sudden "cliff edge" change after Brexit.
While the capacity for monetary and fiscal stimulus has narrowed, structural reforms could boost growth in the short- and long-term.
In a typical recession--one that doesn't involve consumer overborrowing--most economists maintain that fiscal stimulus is desirable.
6tn fiscal stimulus is launched by Japanese PM Shinzo Abe's cabinet.
TOKYO, July 11 (KUNA) -- Tokyo stocks surged Monday, with a key index rising the most in more than four months, on expectations for expanded fiscal stimulus measures following a landslide victory by the governing coalition in a parliamentary elections and strong US jobs data.
According to a source cited by the news agency Reuters, participants of the symposium agreed that instead of relying on short-term fiscal stimulus, structural reforms combined with higher investment could be the next steps toward kickstarting the global economy.