balanced budget

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Balanced budget

A budget in which the income equals expenditure. See: budget.

Balanced Budget

A budget in which revenues equal or exceed expenditures. A balanced budget is thought to be positive for a company, as it means that the company is not taking on any (additional) debt in order to conduct its operations; if revenues exceed expenditures, it results in a profit. Balanced budgets may be recognized after a fiscal year is complete, or they may be projected for an upcoming year.

balanced budget

A budget in which the expenditures incurred during a given period are matched by revenues.

balanced budget

a situation where GOVERNMENT EXPENDITURE is equal to TAXATION and other receipts. In practice, most governments run unbalanced budgets as a means of regulating the level of economic activity Where the government spends more than it receives in taxation, then a BUDGET DEFICIT is incurred. Where the government spends less than it receives in taxation, then a BUDGET SURPLUS ensues. See BUDGET, FISCAL POLICY, PUBLIC SECTOR BORROWING REQUIREMENT.
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Dominguez said fiscal provisions in the BBL, which, for instance, allow the Bangsamoro government to issue bonds along with other revenue-generating measures, would not succeed unless the autonomous region first achieves fiscal discipline.
We are with him (Dominguez) in looking at fiscal discipline.
If fiscal discipline has taught us one thing, it is that you cannot trust performance that hasn't been inspected.
Mr O Brien said that today s announcement highlights the need for strong fiscal discipline to support the record infrastructure investment and services that the Coalition Government is delivering for Victorians.
Merkel, who faces elections on September 22 in Europe's biggest economy, has long championed fiscal discipline that has forced painful spending cuts in countries such as Greece and Spain.
The Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance in the Economic and Monetary Union, known as "fiscal compact", aims to strengthen fiscal discipline in the euro area through the balanced budget rule and the automatic correction mechanism.
The government focused on sound monetary policy to bring down inflation rate and ensured fiscal discipline by taking austerity measures, he said while talking in a talk show on Pakistan television.
As the amount of bailouts increased, Berlin warned that its well of financial solidarity would dry up unless member states made a pledge to uphold fiscal discipline.
Bulgaria can serve as a great example of fiscal discipline, which Germany wants to see implemented across the European Union," Michael Link, Minister of State at the German Federal Foreign Office, said on Thursday.
For any fiscal discipline promises to be viewed as credible, the government would need to implement some concrete measures such as indirect tax increases while refraining from any increase in populist programmes," wrote Angel Brokers, a Mumbai-based brokerage firm, said in a report.
stocks' rally Friday prompted by the EU leaders' agreement on a series of fiscal discipline measures, dealers said.
Finance Minister Yoshihiko Noda declared his candidacy Friday for the presidential election of the Democratic Party of Japan on Monday, underscoring the need for the government to keep fiscal discipline amid mounting expenditures due to the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

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