balanced budget

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Balanced budget

A budget in which the income equals expenditure. See: budget.

Balanced Budget

A budget in which revenues equal or exceed expenditures. A balanced budget is thought to be positive for a company, as it means that the company is not taking on any (additional) debt in order to conduct its operations; if revenues exceed expenditures, it results in a profit. Balanced budgets may be recognized after a fiscal year is complete, or they may be projected for an upcoming year.

balanced budget

A budget in which the expenditures incurred during a given period are matched by revenues.

balanced budget

a situation where GOVERNMENT EXPENDITURE is equal to TAXATION and other receipts. In practice, most governments run unbalanced budgets as a means of regulating the level of economic activity Where the government spends more than it receives in taxation, then a BUDGET DEFICIT is incurred. Where the government spends less than it receives in taxation, then a BUDGET SURPLUS ensues. See BUDGET, FISCAL POLICY, PUBLIC SECTOR BORROWING REQUIREMENT.
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If fiscal discipline has taught us one thing, it is that you cannot trust performance that hasn't been inspected.
Mr O Brien said that today s announcement highlights the need for strong fiscal discipline to support the record infrastructure investment and services that the Coalition Government is delivering for Victorians.
On the other hand, the government implemented fiscal discipline which is evident from the fact that as compared to 10-11 percent increase in inflation rate, the federal governments expenditures have gone up by just 6 percent while that of provinces increased by 21 percent.
Turkey successfully passed the stress test," Sahin told reporters adding, "the global financial crisis did not leave a permanent impact on Turkey thanks to the government's structural reforms, sound monetary policy and fiscal discipline.
Keeping in view budgetary limitations, he stressed that fiscal discipline and austerity should be strictly followed.
The Finance Ministry considers that securing fiscal discipline standards in legislation will ensure stability for financial markets and investors.
Even after its creation, the GCC countries could still face obstacles in maintaining the monetary union in the long term as their varied oil resources could create economic divergence and some members could fail to abide by fiscal discipline, it said.
piles of money were indeed spent but on the wrong things, or were not done economically and with fiscal discipline.
Coun Whitby (Con Harborne) promised the ruling Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition would be rigorous in its pursuit of efficiencies and maintain tight fiscal discipline in the year ahead.
We need fiscal discipline and a true plan to keep government spending under control.
Leonel Fernandez, president of the Dominican Republic, approaches the end of his first governing year amidst an agenda of continuing economic reforms that have already resulted in greater confidence both in the internal affairs of the country and in the international arena--most notably due to the stabilization of macroeconomic variables and for his guidance of the economy on the road to fiscal discipline.
At risk" they continue, "is not only [Greenspan's] reputation for fiscal discipline, but also the hard-earned independence of the Federal Reserve System.