First call

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First call

With collateralized mortgage obligation (CMOs.), the start of the cash flow cycle for the cash flow window.

First Call Date

The first date on which a callable bond or other fixed income security may be called. A callable bond allows the issuer to redeem the bond before maturity. When the bond is called, the bondholder receives the par value and does not receive any more coupons. Callable bonds are issued to allow the issuers to hedge against interest rate risk. That is, if interest rates lower significantly, they can call the bond and issue a new bond at a lower interest rate, reducing their liabilities. However, to protect the bondholder, most callable bonds also include a first call date, which guarantees the current interest rate for a certain period of time. The first call date is included in the bond agreement. See also: Doomsday call, Yield to first.

First Call

The best-known segment of Thomson Financial, a major provider of financial information. First Call provides current and historical data on broker recommendations, insider transactions, financial ratios, and earnings estimates. Consensus earnings estimates from First Call are often utilized for comparison purposes by the financial press when corporations report quarterly earnings.
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Clad in blue silk and bright embroidery At the first call of Spring the fair young bride, On whom as yet Sorrow has laid no scar, Climbs the Kingfisher's Tower.
At the first call of the music, she became irresponsible.
Then Deirdre declared she knew the first call sent forth by Fergus.
com)-- First Call Tech Solutions is proud to announce Charity Queret as Managing Partner of First Call Tech Solutions effective February 1, 2015.
Toronto, ON) has acquired the remaining 48% of shares of First Call Corp.
Company press releases available on FIRST CALL Corporate Release
FIRST CALL Insider Trading Monitor on the Web, available at http://www.
FIRST CALL Insight is available to equity and fixed-income brokerage firms worldwide and provides readership feedback and competitive intelligence.

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