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Firm quote

A definite price on a round-lot bid or offer declared by a market maker on a given security and not identified as a nominal quotation (therefore is not negotiable).
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Firm Quote

A bid or ask made by a dealer or market maker that is not up for negotiation. For example, if a dealer offers to sell 5,000 shares of a stock at $10 per share and the quote is firm, then potential buyers need not come back with a counteroffer of $8 per share. They can either take the offer or not. See also: Nominal quote.
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firm quote

A quotation from a market maker to buy and sell a security at firm bid and ask prices. Compare nominal quote.
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Firm quote.

A firm quote includes a bid and ask price at which a market maker is willing to trade a specific quantity -- 100 shares of stock, for example.

For example, a firm quote of 42.50/42.70 means that the market maker will pay $42.50 for 100 shares and is willing to sell them for $42.70. But those prices would not apply to trades larger than 100 shares. Then prices would have to be negotiated.

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1.7704-1(g) leaves intact a safe-harbor rule relating to transfers through a "qualified matching service." Thus, in addition to allowing private transfers, a partnership can allow up to 10% of its interests to be transferred through such a service, but must determine that each of the requirements of the "qualified matching service" safe-harbor rules (e.g., bid or offer prices are not firm quotes, a minimum waiting period must exist between the offer and acceptance and settlement dates, etc.) has been met before admitting the transferee of interests acquired through such means.
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