finder's fee

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Finder's fee

A fee a person or company charges for service as an intermediary in a transaction.

Finder's Fee

A fee that a person or company is paid in exchange for facilitating a transaction or other deal. For example, one may be paid a finder's fee if one knows both a potential buyer and a potential seller of a company, introduces the two, and the deal is finalized. The finder often has no role except to make parties aware of each other's existence and the finder's fee is usually a percentage of the value of the deal.

finder's fee

The charge levied by a person or firm for putting together a deal. For example, a finder may receive a fee equal to 3% of the principal amount paid for a corporate acquisition.

finder's fee

A fee for finding someone to buy, sell, or rent real estate. It is illegal in most states unless the finder is a licensed real estate broker or agent. There is some question about whether existing tenants may receive small gifts or rent credits for referring new tenants.The states that allow this limit the compensation or gift to something minimal.

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If they actually closed on the property they would pay a $500 finder's fee. Gustin gave them the chance to make good on that offer by providing them with the lead.
The company said that there were no finder's fees paid in connection with the closing of the second tranche of the placement.
The concept of a finder's fee comes out of the banking industry, but has been accepted as having applicability in the real estate industry.
The finder's fee can only be earned when the transaction is closed.