Financial plan

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Financial plan

A blueprint relating to the financial future of a firm.

Financial Plan

A summary of a company's financial needs or goals for the future and how to achieve them. Corporate financial planning involves deciding what investments and activities would be most appropriate under both the company's individual and broader economic circumstances. All things being equal, short-term financial planning involves less uncertainty than long-term financial planning because, generally speaking, market trends are more predictable in the short term. Likewise, short-term financial plans are more easily amended in case something goes wrong.

Financial plan.

A financial plan is a document that describes your current financial status, your financial goals and when you want to achieve them, and strategies to meet those goals.

You can use your plan as a benchmark to measure the progress you're making and update your plan as your goals and time frame change.

Financial planners and other investment professionals can help you create a plan, identify appropriate investments and insurance, and monitor your portfolio. You may pay a one-time fee to have a plan created, or it may be included as part of a fee-based account with a stockbroker or investment adviser.

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17 /PRNewswire/ -- Methanex (NASDAQ-NMS: MEOHF; Toronto, Montreal: MX) announced today that it has completed its US $480 million financing plan to refinance substantially all of its term loans and bank indebtedness and to finance its remaining capital expenditure funding obligations including the Fortier Methanol project currently under construction in Louisiana.
ETI), president and a bank executive from a European based lender presented an environmental response and remediation equipment financing plan to the State of Veracruz last week that was acceptable and subsequently authorized to commence funding activities.
As part of the financing plan, Methanex is proposing to offer senior secured second priority notes in the United States market led by The First Boston Corp.
Our College Graduate Financing Plan will make buying a new vehicle easier for young men and women starting their professional careers.
While start-up toll road project risks exist and stress tested debt service coverage is weak for a 'BBB+' rating, Fitch believes these two factors are significantly offset by: the strong commitment and support from the Texas Transportation Commission (the Commission), including the obligation to cover operating, maintenance and rehabilitation expenses if necessary, significant structural enhancements and legal protections that among other things neutralize the risk of TIFIA's springing lien; a financing plan with adequate financial flexibility to mitigate downside modeled forecasting risks; the economic strength of the service area; and, rapidly increasing congestion in the corridors the project is designed to serve.
NEW YORK, March 16 /PRNewswire/ -- The Government of Brazil and Citibank as closing agent have received commitments to Brazil's 1992 financing plan from commercial bank creditors holding more than 95 percent of the country's external debt required to permit the financing plan to go forward, Finance Minister Eliseu Resende and William R.
27 /PRNewswire/ -- The Government of Brazil and the bank advisory committee kicked off today a series of informational meetings with creditors on the financing plan for Brazil's medium- and long-term debt.
Fitch will analyze the impact of the financing plan when it is finalized.
The financing plan conservatively assumes the worst case scenario of no contributions for capital or operating expenses from surrounding utilities.
8 /PRNewswire/ -- The Government of Brazil and the Bank Advisory Committee announced today that a Term Sheet on a financing plan for Brazil's $44 billion of medium- and long-term debt owed to foreign creditor banks and financial institutions is being printed for immediate distribution.
Global Banking News-October 13, 2011--Belgium revises 2011 financing plan to account for Dexia(C)2011 ENPublishing - http://www.
The most exciting feature of this financing plan is 0% Mark-up which will enable potential customers to get the club membership through staggered membership fee payment without any additional cost.