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See the accompanying reconciliation of non-IFRS financial information to IFRS financial information included in the financial tables section of this earnings release.
The Non-GAAP financial measures are described in the financial table captioned "Non-GAAP Results" and are reconciled to the corresponding GAAP results in the financial tables at the end of this release.
The Q1 consolidated financial tables showed the Group's sales reached 4.
Supplemental materials include financial tables, a glossary, and two additional chapters on venture capital and risk management that may be accessed via the Web.
However, in the text that accompanied the financial tables, it consistently referred to the year-ago result as a loss of MXN175 million.
The JumpStart team consolidated 16,000 human resource and 32,000 financial tables into a few hundred and brought the warehouse online the very same day.
All per share amounts presented above are on a diluted basis; basic per share information is included in the financial tables accompanying this press release.
Even the smaller files in a PDF family should be enhanced for navigation by using bookmarks and links in the text and financial tables.
It's a new kind of stock split, The Wall Street Journal reported in March: Financial tables are disappearing from a number of newspapers.
Financial tables reflecting today's market activity will be in Saturday's business section.
The financial tables below reflect these updates to the financial results.
According to the Banker, Is Bankasi is world's 101st biggest bank based on its capital and financial tables in a list of 1,000 banks.
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