Financial planner

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Financial planner

An investment professional who assists individuals with long- and short-term financial goals.
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Financial Planner

A professional who consults with clients on financial matters. A financial planner may help a client prepare income taxes, insurance, investments, and estate planning, among others. Generally speaking, a financial planner must have a certification such as a ChFC or a CFP.
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financial planner

A person who counsels individuals and corporations with respect to evaluating financial status, identifying goals, and determining ways in which the goals can be met. Although many people call themselves financial planners, a large number are primarily interested in selling a limited number of products they represent. A full-time professional planner, including a certified financial planner, an investment manager, or a tax attorney, may be better able to provide unbiased advice to the investor. See also certified financial planner, chartered financial consultant.
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Financial planner.

A financial planner evaluates your personal finances and helps you develop a financial plan to meet both your immediate needs and your long-term goals. Some, but not all, planners have credentials from professional organizations.

Some well-known credentials are Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA), and Personal Financial Specialist (PFS).

A PFS is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who has passed an exam on financial planning. Some planners are also licensed to sell certain investment or insurance products.

Fee-only financial planners charge by the hour or collect a flat fee for a specific service, but don't sell products or earn sales commissions. Other planners don't charge a fee but earn commissions on the products they sell to you. Still others both charge fees and earn commissions but may offset their fees by the amount of commission they earn.

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Being patronising is in nobody's interest, but neither is your financial planner using a language full of statistics and legislation that hold no interest or relevance for you.
Only after your goals have been crystallized and the tools identified should the financial planner be talking about protecting your plans through risk management.
Even then, Kristin Sullivan, a certified financial planner in Denver, likes her clients to have a plan to pay off the loan within five years.
"FPA's partnership with SEI is paramount in bringing relevant and solution-based services to help financial planners get ahead in a rapidly changing environment."
It's a mark of Gwyn's achievement that according to the latest Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) figures, which oversees the Chartered Financial Planner qualifications, only 17 per cent of the 25,000 financial planners in the UK hold the title.
CHARTERED financial adviser Della Tew has been appointed to a key position at Kymin Financial Planners as it strengthens this area of expertise.
Both the client and the financial planner benefit because now they have an additional $400,000 to manage that they didn't have before, or they are preserving that asset under management.
A CPA financial planner should also offer and analyze alternatives; examples of common situations and how to handle them follow.
The institute's first quarter personal financial planners (PFP) sentiment survey, which 548 members completed online in February, found that 57% of planners said it was their clients' main retirement worry.
This trusted advisor should be a financial planner who can analyze your financial status and assist you in setting up and implementing a financial program to achieve your ultimate goal of financial independence.

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