Financial distress

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Financial distress

Events preceding and including bankruptcy, such as violation of loan contracts.
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Financial Distress

A stage before bankruptcy where a company's creditors are not being paid or are paid with significant difficulty. While a company can avoid moving from financial distress to bankruptcy, it can be very difficult. Often, financial distress can come with its own costs, such as fees paid to lawyers or the costs of extra interest for late payments. See also: Costs of financial distress.
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The number of food and drink suppliers in financial distress has increased by a further 3%, as Brexit uncertainty and weak consumer spending took its toll.
WEAK consumer spending and ongoing economic and political uncertainty have left more than 10,000 businesses across the West Midlands in 'significant' financial distress, a report suggests.
The number of firms reporting critical financial distress also rose five per cent year-on-year.
To test whether elevated debt ratios affect the policy response through a credit access channel, the researchers examine data on financial distress, debt ratios, and market access metrics such as interest rates on government debt, sovereign credit default swap spreads, and credit-agency ratings in 30 OECD countries from 1980 to 2017.
Citi analyst Michael Rollins lowered his price target for Frontier Communications to $1.00 from $1.50 after incorporating a 25% risk of financial distress into his valuation analysis.
In a paper called "The Unequal Recovery: Measuring Financial Distress by ZIP Code," researchers cleverly analyzed the big numbers to identify financial distress among households.
Thousands of businesses across Shropshire are in "significant" financial distress, according to a new report.
In a statement, the finance and agriculture ministries said they had budgeted 53 million Zimbabwean dollars ($18 million) in payments to "former farm owners affected by the land reform programme and who are in financial distress." More than 4,000 of the country's 4,500 white farmers were stripped of their land under former president Mugabe's highly controversial land seizures.
Earlier, firefighting to address financial distress provided policymakers with breathing space but left underlying problems unresolved; leading to resurfacing microeconomic instability following every economic growth cycle.
FIGURES reveal that nearly 19,000 firms across Greater Manchester are experiencing 'significant' financial distress.
Furthermore, a financial distress situation at PEMEX may have implications on the ability of either the government or other Government Related Entities (GREs) within the country to raise financing.

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