Financial control

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Financial control

The management of a firm's costs and expenses in relation to budgeted amounts.

Financial Control

Any measure of how well a company or department controls its costs, sometimes expressed as how far under or over budget it is.
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That lack of appreciation of the need for financial control changed with the passage of the CFO Act of 1990.
Contract notice: collaboration in the financial control exercised by the general intervention of the madrid city council (2 lots)
The metrics would naturally focus on our critical success factors of productivity, customer service and financial control, and we also planned to use these measurements to monitor our key business activities and the service levels the center was providing.
Contract notice: n 19c006ao - ac / za - financial control of service contracts of toulouse mtropole and the city of toulouse - year 2019-2021 reference number: 19c006ao
320/2001 Coll., On Financial Control in Public Administration, as amended, the selected supplier is a person obliged to cooperate in the performance of financial control.
As one of the priority activities carried out in the field of regulation of internal audit and financial control, a round table was organized between the Treasury staff of the Ministry of Finance and the Asian Development Bank expert on Implementing internal audit in the practice of government.
In one case, a general manager, who was trying to meet his budgets, dismissed more employees out of the financial control area than he should have.
the successful bidder will provide capacity and leadership to the financial accounting teams, providing expert technical year end support and advice to ccg finance staff and ensure delivery of ccg requirements for financial reporting and financial control to support the annual accounts.
For financial management, the team orientation means integrating a financial perspective into business strategy and line operations, and sharing financial control with line management.
Tenders are invited for batch contracting, of the audit services for carrying out the financial control actions of the subsidiaries of the local entity, financial control of subsidies for the year 2016 of the city council of marbella and financial control, personnel expenses, 2017 exercise of the city council exmo of marbella.
The result is that financial control has become a responsibility shared by the management team throughout the company.
Contract notice: Announcement by the marbella town hall, Whereby the tender for the contracting of the services by auditing lots for the realization of the financial control actions of the subsidiaries of the local entity, Financial control of subsidies for the year 2016 of the most excellent marbella city council and financial control, Personnel expenses for the year 2017 of the city council of marbellla , As decreed by the councilor for the treasury and public administration of october 15, 2018

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