Financial control

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Financial control

The management of a firm's costs and expenses in relation to budgeted amounts.

Financial Control

Any measure of how well a company or department controls its costs, sometimes expressed as how far under or over budget it is.
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That lack of appreciation of the need for financial control changed with the passage of the CFO Act of 1990.
The metrics would naturally focus on our critical success factors of productivity, customer service and financial control, and we also planned to use these measurements to monitor our key business activities and the service levels the center was providing.
In one case, a general manager, who was trying to meet his budgets, dismissed more employees out of the financial control area than he should have.
For financial management, the team orientation means integrating a financial perspective into business strategy and line operations, and sharing financial control with line management.
The result is that financial control has become a responsibility shared by the management team throughout the company.

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