Financial control

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Financial control

The management of a firm's costs and expenses in relation to budgeted amounts.

Financial Control

Any measure of how well a company or department controls its costs, sometimes expressed as how far under or over budget it is.
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Development of guidelines and regulations in the area of financial control, audit and financial management in the public sector;
The metrics would naturally focus on our critical success factors of productivity, customer service and financial control, and we also planned to use these measurements to monitor our key business activities and the service levels the center was providing.
Contract notice: Ujm2014-21 establishment of internal accounting and financial control.
For financial management, the team orientation means integrating a financial perspective into business strategy and line operations, and sharing financial control with line management.
Improved risk management - delivered by XiPay's advanced data model, which extends financial control and supports corporate compliance initiatives
Their executive abilities in financial control and Corporate Governance add considerable strength to the oversight of our Company and security for our investors.
Movaris, the leading provider of enterprise software that unifies financial control and compliance activities, close tasks, and financial reporting, today announced that Theresa Clark has joined the company as vice president of finance transformation.
Proper financial control systems are critical to any business, particularly those with high growth aspirations and a desire to scale operations dramatically.
Kivisto will provide overall management for the internal financial control and financial planning functions.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-March 2, 2018-Purchasing Power hires vice president, financial control
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 2, 2018-Purchasing Power hires vice president, financial control
Mikhailik discussed issues related to the organization and implementation of internal control, audit and state financial control in the framework of a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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