financial supermarket

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Financial supermarket

A company offering a wide variety of financial services such as a combination of banking services, investment services, and insurance brokerage.

Financial Supermarket

A financial institution that offers a wide variety of services to clients. For example, a financial supermarket may serve as a broker, insurance company, and real estate agent. Some financial supermarkets may even offer services approximating banking services. This is both convenient for the client and profitable for the supermarket. Financial supermarkets are made possible largely through deregulation.

financial supermarket

A financial services company that offers customers a wide variety of financial products, generally including insurance, stocks, bonds, real estate services, and annuities. Financial supermarkets are convenient but may not offer the best deals on each of the financial products they sell.
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based storefront facilities consulting firm Financial Supermarkets Inc.
It caters to transportation, telecommunication, food and beverage, banking, financial, social security, real estate, electric, industrial, commerce, and IT sectors being the most important financial supermarkets in Chile.
a leading commercial retail program management, construction, and casework manufacturer headquartered in Portland, Oregon, in its acquisition of Financial Supermarkets, Inc.
However, getting there will be as wrenching--as full of dislocations and pains--as was the shift from 1950s-style credit unions with no share drafts into today's full-service financial supermarkets.
The financial supermarkets are operated by the Agricultural Bank of China [ABC], which ranked 341st in Fortune magazine's world top 500 last year.
With a projected $185 million in operating earnings this year, Sammons Financial Holdings, an insurance holding company, picks its battles carefully, carving out niches rather than trying to compete with the financial supermarkets.
He says that one-stop financial supermarkets will lead to higher fees.
In October 2009, he opened a credit union branch inside the Walmart store in West Valley through a partnership with Financial Supermarkets Inc.
In the last of his regular weekly columns, Peter Axon explains how to make a profit from the new financial supermarkets
There are, as a result, frequent reports of divestitures and an increasing number of niche participants operating alongside wide-ranging financial supermarkets.
You've originally had financial service giants and other non-insurance companies that snapped up insurance units in the 1980s in a rush to become financial supermarkets.

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