financial supermarket

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Financial supermarket

A company offering a wide variety of financial services such as a combination of banking services, investment services, and insurance brokerage.
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Financial Supermarket

A financial institution that offers a wide variety of services to clients. For example, a financial supermarket may serve as a broker, insurance company, and real estate agent. Some financial supermarkets may even offer services approximating banking services. This is both convenient for the client and profitable for the supermarket. Financial supermarkets are made possible largely through deregulation.
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financial supermarket

A financial services company that offers customers a wide variety of financial products, generally including insurance, stocks, bonds, real estate services, and annuities. Financial supermarkets are convenient but may not offer the best deals on each of the financial products they sell.
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Mobile payment companies bet they can transform their platforms into financial supermarkets, offering everything from loans to insurance on top of payment options.
As technology diffuses, millennials and their advisers look set to lead a wider movement beyond 'financial supermarkets' and towards broader, more personalized online wealth platforms, explained the white paper released by UBS Wealth Management, a provider of financial advice and solutions to wealthy, institutional and corporate clients worldwide.
The regulator should be as concerned about Google and Walmart getting into insurance as they were when financial services integration, or the creation of "financial supermarkets" as they were referred to in the early stages of that chapter in this industry's history.
The facility, designed in conjunction with Cornelia, Ga.-based storefront facilities consulting firm Financial Supermarkets Inc., also includes a more traditional teller line, two desks for the branch manager and lending officer and a 24-hour ATM vestibule.
It caters to transportation, telecommunication, food and beverage, banking, financial, social security, real estate, electric, industrial, commerce, and IT sectors being the most important financial supermarkets in Chile.
Such markets are highly international, as are the major financial firms, and the post-deregulation rise of American universal banks and financial supermarkets represents a convergence of American practice with what had long been the rule in Europe and Canada.
The Bank of America-Merrill Lynch combination is formidable and they seem to be tackling an area that has long been a thorny issue for financial supermarkets: referrals.
1) They passed the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, guaranteeing large financial supermarkets that can only be too big to fail, while prohibiting the SEC from being able to require regulation of investment bank holding companies.
In its heyday, AIG had a market value of $180 billion, and was slated to become one of 10 major global financial supermarkets in the world by the end of the decade.
-- Financial Supermarkets, Inc., a licensor of in-store banking operations, said yesterday that its president and c.e.o., Aubrey Motz, III, has announced his plans to retire effective Dec.

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