financial supermarket

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Financial supermarket

A company offering a wide variety of financial services such as a combination of banking services, investment services, and insurance brokerage.

Financial Supermarket

A financial institution that offers a wide variety of services to clients. For example, a financial supermarket may serve as a broker, insurance company, and real estate agent. Some financial supermarkets may even offer services approximating banking services. This is both convenient for the client and profitable for the supermarket. Financial supermarkets are made possible largely through deregulation.

financial supermarket

A financial services company that offers customers a wide variety of financial products, generally including insurance, stocks, bonds, real estate services, and annuities. Financial supermarkets are convenient but may not offer the best deals on each of the financial products they sell.
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This is not any novel idea but PICIC basically a DFI emerged as a financial super market in the recent past.
Until lately concept of 'financial super market' was followed but the perception now is large does not guarantee survival.
However, others believe that commercial banks are thriving only because these have become 'financial super markets'.

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