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Leaders of the LDP ad hoc committee on antideflation measures, led by former Financial Reconstruction Commission Chairman Hideyuki Aizawa, decided to call on the government to funnel more funds from postal savings and postal insurance systems into the stock market.
During his service at the Financial Reconstruction Commission, the FSA's predecessor -- whose secretariat he began heading in December 1998 -- and then at the FSA, Japan sold back to the private sector the Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan and Nippon Credit Bank, both of which the government had nationalized in 1998.
The merged unit is expected to take over the operations of collapsed credit unions serving South Koreans in Japan, including Kansai Kogin, which was declared insolvent by the government's Financial Reconstruction Commission on Saturday.
Minutes of the Financial Reconstruction Commission's meeting on Feb.
The Financial Reconstruction Commission (FRC), the predecessor of the Financial Services Agency (FSA), planned in 1999 to push integration and mergers among 121 provincial banks by offering to inject public funds into their depleted capital accounts, according to an FRC document released Tuesday.
A group of South Korean business people residing in Japan has asked the Financial Reconstruction Commission (FRC) to have a proposed new bank take over the operations of Credit Cooperative Osaka Shougin, a credit union based in Osaka that went bankrupt in 1998, group officials said Wednesday.
The highest decoration this spring, the Grand Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun, went to seven people, including Hideyuki Aizawa, 82, former head of the Financial Reconstruction Commission, and former Toyota Motor Corp.
The government's Financial Reconstruction Commission (FRC) declared Chogin Kinki insolvent on Dec.
A Chinese woman has been arrested on suspicion of running an "underground bank" by remitting money from Japan to China without a permit from the Financial Reconstruction Commission, police said Friday.
A task force of the LDP's Research Commission on the Finance and Banking Systems, led by former Financial Reconstruction Commission head Hideyuki Aizawa, and BOJ Policy Board member Minoru Masubuchi confirmed their understanding at a meeting of the task force attended by Masubuchi, they said.
Aizawa, former chief of the Financial Reconstruction Commission, said the credit-easing steps could include an increase in the BOJ's outright purchase of long-term government bonds to boost liquidity in the financial market.
The Financial Reconstruction Commission decided Thursday to give a banking license to PT Mandiri (Persero) of Indonesia to open a branch office in Tokyo, commission officials said.

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