Financial objectives

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Financial objectives

Goals related to returns that a firm will strive to accomplish during the period covered by its financial plan.
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Financial Objectives

A company's financial needs or goals for the future. Corporate financial planning involves identifying these financial objectives and determining how to achieve them. Simply put, the main financial objective is to make money, but financial objectives often also determine the amount that is needed or desired, the timeframe in which it must be made, and how the money will be spent. This can be a complicated process.
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Mr Whiby wrote: "It would appear that planning policy is now driven by the sole financial objective of extracting as much money out of the developer, rather than the merits of the scheme, such as access or the impact on residents."
Under the company's new financial objective, the equity ratio is over 60%.
He said that mutual fund as a structured mechanism helps individuals to generate wealth as per their financial objective and risk appetite.
US salaried and management employees and many of United's international represented employees will participate in a separate incentive programme partly based on an annual financial objective.
During 2002, a financial objective was established, defining this two-year cycle as 20032004.
In search of a sound conceptual understanding of small enterprise financial objectives, this paper proceeds by first identifying terms that should be included in the small enterprise financial objective function in order to embrace enterprise-specific sources of risk typically encountered in such concerns.
Research reported that the best financial performers were also companies where the CEO was focused on helping employees understood the business, provided information on organizational performance, and the company's financial objective.
Chairman Lord Smith of Kelvin said: "SSE's key financial objective is dividend growth."
Air France-KLM also adjusted upward its financial objective for the full year.
The overarching financial objective of every company should be to create as much shareholder wealth - as much MVA - as possible.
For CEOs and other executives with sizable estates, reducing estate taxes is usually a major financial objective. One of the most effective means of meeting this goal is to transfer out of the taxable estate those assets that are expected to appreciate in value.

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