financial position

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Financial position

The account status of a firm's or individual's assets, liabilities, and equity positions as reflected on its financial statement.

Financial Position

The total assets, liabilities, and/or equity a person or company holds. This term especially applies to investment positions. See also: Long Position, Short Position.

financial position

The state of and the relationships among the various financial data found on a firm's balance sheet. For example, a company with fairly valued and relatively liquid assets, combined with a small amount of debt compared to owner's equity, is generally described as being in a strong financial position. Also called financial condition.
References in classic literature ?
They know exactly what munitions are reaching our shores from abroad, they know how we are paying for them, they know exactly our financial condition, they know all about our new guns, they know just how many men we could send over to France to-morrow and how many we could get through in three months' time.
Randall refused to consider any improvement in their financial condition as a possibility.
Lucien inquired with interest as to the financial condition of the former protector of their family.
Given the stronger economic and financial conditions, it became evident by early 1994 that the mission of monetary policy of the past few years had been accomplished.
Our intention is to promote financial conditions under which our economy can grow at its greatest potential, consistent with steady, noninflationary expansion of employment and incomes.
Concerned that energy company financial conditions are worsening, state regulators expect to be more involved in monitoring the activities of utilities in their jurisdictions.
More than a third say they are extremely concerned about the financial condition of utilities in their area.
Further information on potential factors that could affect financial conditions, results of operations, and expansion projects of the company are included in filings with the U.
Investors are divided on what will have more an impact on the stock market in the next 12 months, financial conditions or the effect of terrorism.
Some of the statements contained in this press release discuss future expectations and financial conditions and state other "forward looking" information.
Among the factors which could affect the Company's actual results and could cause results to differ from those contained in the forward-looking statements contained herein are the risk that financial conditions may change, risks relating to the progress of the Company's research and development and the development of competing technologies by other companies.
Misrepresentations of financial conditions and results (overstating revenues and understating reserves) and business practices, including failing to disclose that FirstPlus was refinancing defaulting borrowers, forging documents, lending without appraisals, and knowingly using incorrect financial models.

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