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Universities that are interested in exploring why an admitted student fails to enroll might likely want to consider measuring a prospective student's level of satisfaction within key enrollment stages, such a student's experience with its financial aid office.
White, national coordinator, says she hasn't heard of any other colleges training financial aid staff.
The CARS mission is to assist colleges with the various challenges they face in admissions, retention, and financial aid servicing in order to improve and maintain enrollment.
Loss of income is the type of change that's most likely to lead to a financial aid adjustment.
Younger lower-income children with moderately appreciated assets may be in the best position for both income tax and financial aid planning.
The gain is subject to a 50% financial aid assessment (after deductions and allowances) and a 5% marginal income tax rate.
A toll-free phone line at (800) 987-ICAN connects callers to local college financial aid offices.
You also don't have to be accepted for admission to have your financial aid application sent to all of the colleges you are considering.
While state colleges have lower tuition, private colleges typically offer more financial aid, leveling the financial playing field.
After the oldest child applies for financial aid and after the financial aid package has been awarded, the income of the student is no longer relevant.
College students should contact the school's financial aid office and it will provide resources to help students find the best scholarships and grants.
Basically, financial aid falls into three categories: Gift-aid, grants, and scholarships.

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