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However, taxpayers with disaster-related delays that are seeking filing extensions or that have been assessed penalties for taxes other than income may contact the DOR to request an extension or a waiver of penalties.
You can arrange now to request automatic six-month filing extensions for such clients, pushing the deadline back to October 15, while scheduling meetings before April 15 to discuss how much they'll pay when their Form 4868 is filed.
8220;Many taxpayers are unaware that the filing extensions offered by the IRS apply only to the actual tax return filing, not the payment.
The new rules do not change the current method for filing extensions for corporate income tax returns; rather, they broaden its scope.
Most banks, brokers and mutual fund companies will help you set up a SEP with a minimum of aggravation and make "look-back" (to 1998) contributions until the due date of your return, including filing extensions.
com for additional information on filing extensions and other media materials related to tax season.
6081-3T does not change the rules for filing extensions for corporate income tax returns; rather, it expands the scope of formerly titled Form 7004, Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File Corporation Income Tax Return, from just corporate taxpayers, to partnerships, real estate mortgage investment conduits, certain trusts that previously filed Form 8736 (now made obsolete) and taxpayers that previously requested additional time to file certain excise, income, information and other returns by submitting Form 2758 (now made obsolete).
For example, taxpayers who arrive at overflowing free clinics during the last weeks of the filing season are often told they cannot obtain help to file their returns, but assistance is available for filing extensions.
The understanding and cooperation of Cornell Capital in agreeing to filing extensions is very much appreciated," said Mr.
The Company had previously reported that it had received 10-K filing extensions from its bank group through December 31, 2006 and from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) through January 2, 2007.
Because the Company could not reasonably determine whether it will file a complete Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q for the quarter ended September 30, 2005 by April 19, 2006, the latest extension that the Panel could grant under the Marketplace Rules for filing the 10-Q, the Company did not seek any further filing extensions beyond the March 31, 2005 extension previously granted by the Panel.
Portal has requested the following filing extensions from Nasdaq: