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requiring a fiduciary out in every merger agreement, (3) and for the
contained a no-shop clause with a standard fiduciary out and benign
changed recommendation" fiduciary out, which the merger
NCS board was required to negotiate a fiduciary out clause to protect
effective fiduciary out clause to exercise its continuing fiduciary
the opinion) and the Court's fiduciary out mandate (the
Omnicare may be read to say that there must be a fiduciary out in
a merger agreement that fails to contain a fiduciary out it is not
agreement that lacks a fiduciary out if they present a board with a
To require that a fiduciary out clause be put in the
no-talk provision with a fiduciary out allowing Capital Re to negotiate
Capital Gold has agreed to a non-solicitation period expiring on March 31, 2009, subject to fiduciary outs, and both parties have agreed to the payment of a break fee to the other party in the amount of US$4.