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Through its retirement division, Spectra provides 401(k) retirement services, fiduciary risk management services, investment due diligence, plan and compliance review, provider services and benchmarking and wealth management.
Description:The technical assistance will improve the government~s fiduciary risk management at central and local levels.
The Treasury department suggests that one barrier to employers building annuitization options into retirement plans may be a fear that the employer could face fiduciary risk if the annuity provider failed.
Andrew Graham, previously Chief Risk Officer and Head of Fiduciary Risk at Butterfield Bank Limited, has been named Group Chief Risk Officer, and the Bank's Risk Management function becomes part of the Finance division, reporting to Group Chief Financial Officer Michael Schrum.
Effective plan governance and compliance reduce fiduciary risk, increase plan performance, and result in operational excellence.
The focus of the strategy is on strengthening key public financial management structures and processes so that by the end of 2020 the KP government has established a robust system for ensuring equitable resource allocation, transparent and efficient budget execution and fiduciary risk mitigation, leading to improved service delivery.
Summary paragraph: Worries over fiduciary risk have decreased.
VMS is a technology innovation firm which provides integrated solutions to solve issues like fiduciary risk, fee transparency, and revenue reconciliation.
When asked why they had not adopted a solution, 81 percent cited fiduciary risk as a very or extremely important barrier, while two-thirds cited cost.
We don't feel there is any more fiduciary risk to re-enrollment than there is to automatic enrollment, but, for some reason, the two are perceived differently.
helps employers provide the best retirement plan to their employees, while minimizing fiduciary risk.
If the conflict of interest rule in the Department of Labor's proposed fiduciary regulations is implemented as now drafted, in-house broker-dealers of life insurers face the highest level of fiduciary risk among all advisor channels.