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(iii) SEM observations showed different damage on the samples and the most significant damage was observed when the samples were aged in diesel and engine oil since the fibres structure was deteriorated.
(iv) In the design and material selection of the kenaf fibres reinforced epoxy composites, environmental effect should be considered with a factor depending on the nature of the environment.
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Hemp fibres of weight approximately 12 mg were placed in the sample holder and the machine was started.
The tensile testing of single hemp fibres was carried out as per ASTM D3379-75, standard tensile test method for tensile properties for high modulus single filament materials.
Mounted fibres were placed in the grips of an Instron 1162 tensile testing machine.
Interfacial shear strength testing of hemp fibres in polyester resin was evaluated by single fibre pull-out test using an Instron 1162 testing machine.
where [tau] is the interfacial shear strength, F is the force at pullout, D is the mean width of fibres, and I is the embedded length of fibres.
Hemp fibres, like all natural fibres, contain moisture because one of their primary functions is to transport moisture and nutrients to different parts of the plant.