government debt

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Government Debt

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government debt

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Economists from ITR Economics say if we're not significantly paying down federal debt by 2020, another Great Depression is inevitable by 2030.
After 90 days, many debts were turned over to the Department of Treasury for federal debt collection, and many times injured employees' tax refunds or Social Security benefits were garnished.
The official documents show foreign loans for the Karachi Nuclear Power Plant under the heads of K2 and K3, along with China SAFE deposits as part of the federal debt obligation.
federal debt has more than doubled since the 2008 financial crisis, shooting up from $9.4 trillion in mid-2008 to over $22 trillion in April 2019.
The fund was launched in May as part of the new administration's drive to reduce federal debt, which Pakatan Harapan leaders claimed stood at RM1 trillion in May.
Mubarak Rashed Al Mansouri, the Governor of the CBUAE, said that the federal debt law will create deeper, more resilient financial markets as well as benchmark the yield curve providing more diversified sources of financing, mobilise additional domestic savings and attract capital inflows.
The law also allows states to request financial aid from the federal government, even if states do not owe federal debt. The law and extension are important, as we view the debt states owe to the federal government as one of the most important factors in their credit ratings.
Long-term federal debt obligations are already worryingly high, and guaranteed to grow.
Out of every Federal income tax dollar paid in 2016, 29.1[cent] went to health care; 23.4[cent] to the Pentagon and military; 13.20 to interest on Federal debt; 7.5[cent] to unemployment and labor, six cents to veterans' benefits, and just pennies to food and agriculture, government, education, transportation, housing and community, science, international affairs, and energy and environment programs.
However, a representative for the German Federal Debt Agency reportedly said that the tradability of the bonds is "still very high."

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