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Fed Wire

An electronic system allowing the quick transfer of funds and securities between banks. The fed wire exists to settle large transactions between banks so that they can continue to extend credit to each other and to customers. It is operated by the Federal Reserve and is more formally known as the Federal Reserve Wire Network. See also: Real-time gross settlement system (RTGSS).
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fed wire

A high-speed communications system for transferring funds and ownership of book-entry securities between banks. The fed wire is used to move bank reserves and to make credit available without delay.
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The department in November interpreted the federal Wire Act as applying to any form of gambling that crosses state lines.
Grewal, in the amicus brief filed March 8 in the United States District Court for New Hampshire, is seeking "nationwide relief" of the DOJ's reinterpretation of the federal Wire Act which banned any form of online gaming that crosses state lines.
The Justice Department earlier this month released a legal opinion stating that any form of online betting, not just sports betting, would be a violation of the federal Wire Act.
The 23-page opinion interprets the federal Wire Act, which prohibits interstate wagering, to apply to any form of gambling that crosses state lines, not just sports betting.
Of the five Justices, one retired in July in anticipation of pleading guilty to a federal wire fraud charge, and the other four have been impeached by the West Virginia House of Delegates.
Carl Moose<br />Case No.: 16-3536<br />Officials: WOOD, Chief Judge, and RIPPLE and HAMILTON, Circuit Judges.<br />Focus: Sentencing Guidelines<br />Without a plea agreement, defendant Carl Moose pleaded guilty to defrauding investors in violation of the federal wire fraud statute, 18 U.S.C.
While Miles has already made little achievements since he entered the world of Hollywood, his progress is jeopardized when his washed-up producing partner Rick agrees to wear a Federal wire. As he tries to achieve his goals as a film producer, Miles faces off with criminal financiers and with a Hollywood power-broker who could be the most dangerous of all.
Enacted in 1952, the federal wire fraud statute (63) serves as "a jurisdictional hook" to facilitate federal prosecutorial involvement where it is not otherwise explicitly authorized.
Salvatore Cribari, also known as Sal Fradillio, pleaded guilty to federal wire fraud charges in late 2017.
The purported will led to federal wire fraud charges against Herring, Peterson and Herring's sister and brother-in-law, Marion "Diane" Kinley and John Wayne Kinley Jr.
Clemons, who worked with the Salem-based nonprofit group for 30 years, pleaded guilty in December to a federal wire fraud charge in connection with the embezzlement.

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