Federal Reserve Board

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Federal Reserve Board (FRB)

The seven-member governing body of the Federal Reserve System, which is responsible for setting reserve requirements, and the discount rate, and making other key economic decisions.

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

A committee of the Federal Reserve charged with implementing monetary policy of the United States. It consists of seven members appointed by the President of the United States and confirmed by the Senate. The chairman of the Board also serves as Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Members serve for staggered, 14-year terms. The length of service is designed to give the Board as much independence from Congress, and therefore immediate political expediency, as possible. The Board makes an annual report on its operation to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and its members serve ex officio on the Federal Open Market Committee.

Federal Reserve Board

The seven governing members of the Federal Reserve System who are appointed by the President for 14-year terms. Board members play an important role in determining the country's monetary policy which, in turn, strongly influences economic activity.
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The Federal Reserve Board, on December 24, 2003, announced the execution of a written agreement by and among Combanc, Delphos, Ohio; The Commercial Bank, Delphos, Ohio; the Ohio Division of Financial Institutions, Columbus, Ohio; and the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.
The Federal Reserve Board on August 24, 2004, announced the issuance of a consent notice of prohibition against Charles Kushner, an institution-affiliated party of The NorCrown Trust, an unregistered bank holding company that owns or controls the shares of the NorCrown Bank, Livingston, New Jersey, a state nonmember bank.
Nadel explained that the core investor concern is based on a fear that the Federal Reserve Board doesn't grant MetLife approval to avoid resubmitting, in which case it appears highly likely MetLife's resubmission would again fail since even excluding the capital deployment plans, MetLife's risk-based capital and leverage ratios both missed the minimum hurdles in March.
3 The Federal Reserve Board announced the annual adjustments in the amount of net transaction accounts used in the calculation of reserve requirements and the cutoff level used to determine the detail and frequency of deposit reporting.
The Federal Reserve board also asked that the firm submit an additional capital plan by the end of the third quarter addressing the weaknesses identified in the firm's capital planning processes.
While the Federal Reserve Board remains a pressure lever in this picture, its strength has been diluted amidst other issues throughout the economy.
On September 22, 2005, the Federal Reserve Board approved actions by the Boards of Directors of the Federal Reserve Banks of Cleveland, Atlanta, and Dallas, increasing the discount rate at the Banks from 4 1/2 percent to 4 3/4 percent.
31 The Federal Reserve Board approved fee schedules for Federal Reserve Bank payment services, effective Jan.
On December 7, 1998, the Federal Reserve Board in Washington, along with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, and the Office of Thrift Supervision, asked for public comment on proposed "Know Your Customer" ("KYC") regulations.
For the most part, the Federal Reserve Board of Governors will determine the extent to which the gains will continue.

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