Federal Maritime Commission

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Federal Maritime Commission (FMC)

A U.S. government agency that regulates and administers the shipping industry. This agency also grants freight forwarder licenses.

Federal Maritime Commission

An agency of the U.S. Government responsible for the ocean-borne international commerce of the United States. Among other things, the FMC regulates shipping lines (which is calls ocean common carriers) and other ocean freighters that bring goods into the United States. It also enforces laws requiring the cruise ships maintain enough insurance to cover loss or damages. It issues licenses for commerce involving U.S. goods. It was established in 1961. See also: ICE, United States Merchant Marine.
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regulatory agency for international shipping, what permissions or exemptions must the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) grant for the Maritime Trade Agreement to be effective in the United States?
The movement of NVO's towards quasi-carrier status began in 1973 with the first tariff filed with the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) for General Cargo N.
Two proposals are before the Federal Maritime Commission now (1) which would forbid water carriers to charge a per container rate on certain commodities and (2) place a maximum on the gross weight of containers.
THE FEDERAL MARITIME Commission (FMC) has signed off on an amendment to THE Alliance Agreement that ensures each member has each other's back in the form of a contingency fund that FMC said "can be used to help member carriers manage through, and recover from, the insolvency or financial distresses of a participating line.
Mario Cordero, chair of the US Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) has issued a call to regulators in the European Union and the People's Republic of China to participate in a Global Regulatory Summit in order to discuss what actions (if any) governmental regulatory bodies should take in response to the P3 announcement and what P3's existence will mean for those who need to move goods over the oceans.
The Federal Maritime Commission today announced January 16 and 17, 2018 as the dates it will hold public hearings to receive testimony from maritime industry witnesses regarding a petition filed by the Coalition for Fair Port Practices (Petition P4-16) that raised issues associated with detention, demurrage, and per diem charges.
Federal Maritime Commission hosts blockchain discussion.
The Federal Maritime Commission voted today to allow an amendment to THE Alliance Agreement to go into effect that permits establishing a contingency fund that can be used to help member carriers manage through, and recover from, the insolvency or financial distress of a participating line.
Federal Maritime Commission, THE Alliance finally went into effect last month.

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