Federal Home Loan Banks

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Federal Home Loan Banks

The institutions that regulate and lend to savings and loan associations. The Federal Home Loan Banks play a role analogous to that played by the Federal Reserve Banks vis-à-vis member commercial banks.

Federal Home Loan Bank System

A system of 12 American banks whose purpose is to provide low-cost loans for mortgages, businesses, and urban and rural economic development. The FHLB is not publicly traded, but rather is owned by several thousand banks and other financial institutions. These institutions buy stock in the system in order to become eligible for subsidized loans, which they then make to high-risk customers. Established in 1932 during the Great Depression, the FHLB largely succeeded in its original purposes of putting people in affordable homes. However, in the late 2000s, the FHLB began to have cash flow problems due in part to overexposure to the housing bubble and became the largest borrower from the United States government.

Federal Home Loan Banks (FHLBanks)

The largest source of residential mortgage and community development credit in the United States. This group consists of a regional cooperative of 12 FHLBanks, each with its own president and board of directors. Its primary business consists of FHLBank Advances, which are low-cost loans made to member institutions.This gives those members the liquidity to make mortgage loans.The FHLBanks (www.fhlbanks.com) regenerate their own liquidity by selling debt consisting of consolidated bonds with maturities of one year or more, and consolidated discount notes which mature within 360 days.

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What is the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco?
Nonprofit groups, for-profit developers, and public entities apply for the competitive AHP grants through one of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago's member institutions; more than 750 commercial banks, savings institutions, credit unions, insurance companies, and community development financial institutions in Illinois and Wisconsin are members of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago.
The Office of Finance of the Federal Home Loan Banks today released financial highlights for the second quarter of 2011.
About the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago The Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago is a $72 billion wholesale bank serving the needs of member housing finance institutions located in Illinois and Wisconsin.
The Federal Home Loan Banks are a system of regional banks from which local lending institutions in the U.
Accessing Funds Members of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago can access DPP funds on behalf of their customers by contacting the DPP administrator in their state:
Riccobono served at both the Federal Home Loan Banks of Boston and Atlanta.
Since 1990, the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago has taken great pleasure in awarding more than $242 million in competitive AHP grants and more than $68 million in DPP funds that have helped provide housing for families whose incomes are 80% or less of the area median income.
The Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco is a highly regulated government-sponsored enterprise with assets of $232 billion.
Image Statement Services of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh provide financial institutions an opportunity to offer attractive, efficient image statements to their customers without making significant expenditures for hardware, software and labor.
Such factors may include, but are not limited to, business and capital management plan adjustments and amendments, changes in the bank's management and Board of Directors, regulatory actions or approvals, competitive pressure from other Federal Home Loan Banks and alternative funding sources, accounting adjustments or requirements, interest-rate volatility, the bank's ability to maintain adequate capital levels, changes in projected business volumes, our ability to appropriately manage our cost of funds, changes in our membership profile or the withdrawal of one or more large members, the cost-effectiveness of our funding, hedging and asset-liability management activities, shifts in demand for our products and consolidated obligations, and general economic conditions.
As a member of the Federal Home Loan Bank, United Jersey Bank will be able to expand its commitment to help provide affordable housing for the people of New Jersey, and build the vitality of our communities' economic and social partnerships," said T.

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