Federal deficit

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Federal deficit (surplus)

When federal government expenditures are exceeded by (are less than) federal government revenue.

Federal Deficit

The amount by which the expenditures of the United States Federal Government exceed its revenue from taxes, tariffs, and other sources. In order to finance the deficit, the Government must borrow money, especially by the issue of Treasury securities. Some economists believe that the federal deficit has only minor importance, while others believe it could cause inflation if left unchecked, because the Government would eventually have to print money repay the deficit. It should not be confused with the national debt.
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To make matters worse, our children will wake up in 2014 wondering where the money went when they get the bill for the federal deficit and the unfunded gap in Social Security benefits.
7 trillion national debt or to save towards meeting Social Security obligations, the House bill would, according to a Senate GOP budget expert, increase the current operating federal deficit by 58 percent and convert a projected annual federal budget surplus in the next decade into an annual deficit of $140 billion within a decade.
demand for foreign goods that resulted from higher federal deficits and lower household saving.
The mounting federal deficit and ongoing reductions in government services have taken their toll on America's national parks.
How will you reduce the federal deficit, and how will the way you propose to do that affect our cities and citizens?
We need to make some basic changes to reduce federal deficits and make government more effective and accountable.
Daschle did not offer any specific Democratic agenda, nor a proposal to eliminate federal deficits.
These lower rates are a striking reminder that reducing federal deficits will free up private savings, reduce the cost of credit to private borrowers, and encourage accumulation of capital that will help enhance growth in the future.
It is pathetic and embarrassing to watch an honorable man like Bob Dole, a man who has spent most of his congressional career warning about the dangers of runaway federal deficits, contradicting himself with an election-year promise of tax cuts in order to prop up his campaign,'' Lamm said.
President Clinton's budget director, Alice Rivlin, recently sent the President a memorandum that outlined six major budget options to address federal deficits and debts.
At the federal level, defense spending was on a clear downtrend, and the persistence of large federal deficits argued against sizable new initiatives for nondefense spending.
The 216-211 vote averted an embarrassing public repudiation of GOP leaders by dissidents objecting to a temporary deficit increase before eliminating federal deficits by 2002 in the budget plan.

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