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And that unconsumed surplus, sold abroad, becomes what we call our favorable balance of trade.
The leading industrial nations (essentially the Allies), which had access to raw materials, turned to economic nationalism, withdrew from the world economy, and instituted policies protecting their domestic markets in order to maintain a favorable balance of trade.
Although Pakistan is having favorable balance of trade with Portugal and overall trade is also growing for the last three years in particular but there is a lot that can be done.
The PSA noted that the country had a favorable balance of trade in goods (BOT-G) with a surplus of $281 million compared to the $663 million deficit in the same period in 2013.
The United States enjoyed a favorable balance of trade for the month of June in the travel and tourism sector, with a surplus of more than $4.
Complex issues of world trade, protecting the industry from exploitation and achieving favorable balance of trade is getting an uphill task.
Sri Lanka has had a favorable balance of trade with Belgium over the years.
The industry had $36 billion in exports last year and a favorable balance of trade, according to AdvaMed, but the trade surplus has shrunk by more than two-thirds over the past 12 years.
In 2009, Syria had a favorable balance of trade with Yemen valued at YER 618 million.
Japan's favorable balance of trade increased for 2 successive years, to JPY 10,224.
He advocates against specie accumulation and the necessity of a favorable balance of trade to aid in this accumulation, two doctrines that are at the heart of mercantile thought.
Valenti was more successful in making certain that industry interests were taken into account in the establishment of the GATT foreign trade agreement, citing the entertainment business's favorable balance of trade.