Farm Credit Administration

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Farm Credit Administration (FCA)

An independent agency ( responsible for regulating and examining banks in the Farm Credit System, including Farmer Mac. It is funded through assessments made against the FCS institutions.
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It was renamed the Division of Cooperative Marketing in 1926, which was transferred to the Farm Credit Administration in 1933.
The Board concluded that Farmer Mac's levels of capital above both the current statutory minimum and current risk-based capital (RBC) requirements, 73 percent and 451 percent, respectively, provide more than sufficient support for strong growth in our guarantee and commitment programs, after considering the potential effects of the proposed RBC model revisions included in the proposed rule published today in the Federal Register by the Farm Credit Administration.
Both the management and the board of directors of Farm Credit East thought that a program addressing this problem would mesh well with the Farm Credit Administration 's mandate to its member banks to help more beginning farmers.
A) reported that its federal regulator, the Farm Credit Administration ("FCA"), at an open meeting today of its Board, approved a final rule that relates to regulatory capital standards on certain assets held by Farm Credit System (FCS) institutions other than Farmer Mac.
joined the board of the Farm Credit Administration (FCA) in October.
The Farm Credit Administration (FCA), which regulates FCSAmerica and other Farm Credit System members, has been notified of the decision to terminate the Rabobank transaction process.
A top Farm Credit Administration official recently saw first-hand how the co-op lending structure is working to extend much-needed capital infusion to farmers in a former Soviet republic.
Farmer Mac always has been subject to the rules and regulations of both the Farm Credit Administration (FCA) and the U.
During 2004, System institutions completed studies to refine their methodologies for determining the allowance for loan losses, taking into account guidance issued by the Farm Credit Administration, the System's regulator, as well as guidelines by the Securities and Exchange Commission and banking regulators.

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